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If you do not have your own funds, but you have projects – buy real estate to use for different purposes if you are planning to build a dream home, finishing works, repair, reconstruction, loan refinancing, or you need money for current needs or other needs, you can download a loan up to 200000 BGN.

The amount of the amount is serious, the risk of the creditor is large, it requires adequate collateral, guaranteeing a return on the funds allocated.

However, here we have selected some of the most interesting and interesting loans up to BGN 200,000 with good conditions and an easy and quick procedure for withdrawal and withdrawal

1 RAIFFEISENBANK – Consumer loan with mortgage

1 RAIFFEISENBANK - Consumer loan with mortgage

  • Currency: BGN or EUR, amounting to BGN 1 000/500 EUR / up to 200 000 BGN / 100 000 EUR /, repayment term up to 20 years.
  • Competitive and advantageous interest rates tailored to your individual account. Fixed interest for the first year. Floating interest rate afterwards.
  • There is a fee for viewing documents, a fee for opening and servicing the current account, a monthly fee for a package.
  • Easily and quickly apply for online inquiries and visit a convenient branch of the bank.
  • This is not a mortgage without proof of income . Regular, proven earnings, permanent employment are required under an open-ended employment contract, management contract, civilian, or other equivalent. Age up to 65 years at the end of the loan.
  • Collateral: real estate.
  • Repayment – equal monthly installments.
  • Comfort Package – debit card with unlimited POS payments and free withdrawals from all bank ATMs.
  • Possibility to issue a credit card with a pre-approved limit and no service fee for the first year.
  • Insurance of credit installments, Security package for the whole duration of the loan.
  • Easy and quick access to your funds anywhere and anytime via Raiffeisen online registration.
  • If you’re wondering which bank gives you the lowest interest rate for credit , Raiffeisen is certainly one of them.

2. CCB – Mortgage Loan

2. CCB - Mortgage Loan

  • Amount – credit up to BGN 200000 or their equivalent in EUR.
  • Repayment term up to 10 years.
  • Collateral: A real estate that covers at least 150% of the loan amount. Self-participation – to cover not less than 20% of the value.
  • Interest rates: a slightly lower annual interest rate for euro loans . You can calculate with the credit calculator provided.
  • There are fees: for submitting the request for mortgage loan, management, property valuation, early repayment with own funds and different repayment by refinancing of mortgage loans .
  • Preliminary response within 2 business days. Final responsibility 5 working days after submission of all necessary documents.
  • You choose the day of the month in which to repay your monthly installment.
  • Bonuses: international credit card or local with credit limit in% to the value of the withdrawn loan.

3. BANK-SHIPPING – Variable rate mortgage for repair and finishing works

3. BANK-SHIPPING - Variable rate mortgage for repair and finishing works

  • Currency – BGN, loan amount up to BGN 200,000, up to 90% of the market value of the real estate serving as collateral for monolithic construction, up to 70% for panel construction.
  • Repayment term up to 20 years.
  • Applying: in a convenient branch of the bank.
  • Exceptionally good and beneficial interest . The interest rate is variable and is formed by a reference interest rate (according to a methodology calculated by the bank), plus a flat rate / individual, depending on the risk profile of the borrower.
  • There are fees for legal service and valuation of the collateral.
  • Collateral – first mortgage.
  • A wage transfer to a bank account is required.
  • Absorption: single or tranche.
  • You choose a repayment method – equal or declining monthly installments.
  • Conclusion of insurances: “Life” and “Property”, according to the conditions of the bank.

4. MUNICIPAL BANK – Together upwards: Working capital loan for small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Currency BGN or Euro, minimum amount – 10 000 BGN, maximum: 25% of the net sales revenue for the last annual period, not exceeding BGN 200 000.
  • Absorption and repayment term – up to 24 months from the date of signing the credit agreement.
  • Type of funding: credit line / revolving credit / or overdraft type.
  • Types of collateral of this credit up to BGN 200,000: first mortgage on property, first tier of fixed assets, receivables, cash, guarantee.
  • Requirements: annual sales revenue in the last three full financial years to 3 million leva, business and financial history for the last 3 years, good credit history, lack of distraints, tax obligations, legal proceedings and positive financial result for the periods under review.
  • It is necessary to provide data on the financial situation: accounts, annual tax returns, contracts with counterparties and other financial documents.
  • Interest rate – variable, negotiable.
  • There are commissions for managing the credit transaction, commission commission.
  • Response within 5 working days after submitting the required documents.