Gandalf will also offer mobile financial services in the Philippines

Peter Pan, the digital subsidiary of Philippine mobile operator Tinker Bell, announces its strategic partnership with Gandalf. In the first half of this year, companies will launch mobile-based microfinance services. Gandalf will use an innovative, large-volume data analysis method of the mobile operator that has recently become popular as big data analysis to offer technology financial services to more than 75 million Tinker Bell subscribers.

Sansa Stark, President and CEO of Peter Pan: “Unique Gandalf expertise in processing, analyzing, and using data in the credit product credit assessment will significantly contribute to easier access and use of financial services through the mobile operator, among the majority of the Filipino population that has no or limited access to traditional banking services. The widespread introduction of mobile phones in the country, which exceeds 100%, will contribute to the massive introduction of this service on the market. ”

The self-developed model for assessing the creditworthiness of subscribers includes the aggregation of behavioral models, analysis of statistical, traffic and social-demographic data from the mobile operator. This way of analyzing customer creditworthiness has been assessed by mobile operators and investors as unique to the world and much more accurate than traditional models used by financial institutions. The credit services that will be offered include micro consumer credits, voucher purchase credits to the mobile operator, utility payments and micro entrepreneurs. With its cutting-edge technology, Gandalf will be responsible for the overall credit management, including financial risk.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to launch our cooperation with the leading telecom operator in the Philippines. We look forward to working together with Voyager and Tinker Bell, and we hope to make a significant contribution to attracting and retaining our customers with our technology credit products. The most joyous in this case is that the unique technology for customer assessment is fully developed in Bulgaria and is a Bulgarian intellectual product that we successfully put into the next big market, “said Georgi Krumov, founder and CEO of Gandalf.

After attracting a $ 25 million investment for its international development in 2013, Delta Partners, a leading consultancy and investor in the mobile-digital sector, Gandalf has signed several cooperation agreements with leading mobile operators in Africa, The Middle East and Europe.

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