How Much Time Is Allowing Mortgage Credit?


This page is useful for those who want to know how long a mortgage loan or home loan is granted. We will also introduce banks and financial companies with a very short and quick time to approve a mortgage loan.

The essence of the mortgage loan is: a large amount of money earmarked for investment or current needs over a long period of time, and mandatory collateral from a mortgaged property that serves as a guarantee for repayment of loan installments.

These features require more time to grant and absorb the mortgage loan. How long your mortgage loan will be granted is the duration, the period, the application term, and the amount of money you use to achieve your goals. How long the approval and release process will take is a serious issue that should not be underestimated.

Documents you submit must be authentic, valid, legal, issued by the appropriate Authorized Authorities. In order to obtain the necessary documents for the granting of a mortgage loan, you need more time and more money.

In general, the necessary documents are: for income – a copy of an employment contract and an official note or a certificate – issued by the employer the same day, a document for marital status and a certificate of presence or lack of obligations under the TIPC. More time is required to prepare the mortgage documents.

You must have a document of ownership / of the borrower or of third parties who are charging him / her, a sketch of the property issued by the Agency for geodesy, cartography and cadastre, a certificate of weights on the property – issued by the Registry Office, tax assessment of the property by the territorial NRA, market assessment by a licensed appraiser; registration, mortgage entry, and more. How long your mortgage loan will pay depends on your organizing capacity when visiting your instances and their scheduled time to issue your papers.

It is hard to shorten the time for mortgage lending, we can not skip the instances. In an effort to lend more mortgages and reduce downtime, some banks offer pre-approval, which is within 1 day, even a few hours.

In order to receive it, you need to go to the bank branch only with an ID card and income document without having to submit documents for the specified real estate, for example – United Bulgarian Bank: Mortgage credit “Reality” – preliminary approval up to 2 hours , Multipurpose mortgage loan, Cibank: Mortgage loan for purchase of property – preliminary approval up to 2 hours.

Postbank offers a free online video consultation on Skype, where you can get complete information on how much time a mortgage loan is granted, what are the documents and specific loan parameters. Another major benefit is the provision of additional funds from some banks to finance the costs associated with the mortgage deal, as an example – UniCredit Bulbank: Standard Mortgage Loan.

Fast-paced credit companies offer mortgage loans that are more easily granted, with shorter terms and procedures, with shorter release times.

Interest rates and pricing conditions are different from banking, you need to be thoroughly informed and take the right, most profitable solution. We will introduce you to proposals from banks and financial companies where the focus is: how long the mortgage loan is granted.

1. CIBANK – Mortgage loan with a fixed interest rate period

1. CIBANK - Mortgage <a href=loan with a fixed interest rate period” />

  • The time for the mortgage loan is reduced, you get a pre-approval within 2 hours.
  • Purpose: purchase of own home, repair, finishing, refinancing of mortgage loans . You are choosing the optimal financing option for the redeemable options in the coming years.
  • Currency BGN or Euro, up to 500 000 BGN / 250 000 EUR /, repayment term up to 30 years.
  • High funding rate up to 85%.
  • Collateral: first mortgage on a real estate.
  • Attractive interest rates. Fixed interest rate for the first 2 or 5 years and variable / reference rate plus margin / for the remaining period.
  • There are fees for: viewing documents, opening and servicing a payment account, valuation of the property, insurance of the property.
  • Absorption – single or tranche, repayment of equal monthly installments.
  • Invest at an appropriate time – the repayment installment is less than one monthly rent.
  • You get extra funds for your current needs.
  • A transfer of income to the bank is required.
  • You have complete information about bank services and the exact status of the loan.
  • There is an opportunity to renegotiate the terms of the loan due to the long repayment period of the loan.
  • A wide range of insurance products to protect and secure your home.
  • Bonus: revolving credit card.

2. OOB – Mortgage loan for construction and finishing works

2. OOB - Mortgage loan for construction and finishing works

  • Time to grant credit – reduced to minimum.
  • Pre-approval within 1 day, credit card and income document before property was selected for purchase without submitting documents for a particular real estate.
  • Purpose: for construction or finishing works.
  • Currency BGN or EUR, up to 250 000 EUR / 500 000 BGN /, repayment term up to 35 years.
  • Funding up to 100% creating your home.
  • Collateral: mortgage on real estate.
  • Variable interest rate in BGN and EUR.
  • There is no application fee.
  • There are charges for early repayment, property valuation, credit assessment, legal advice on mortgage, loan servicing and mortgage cancellation.
  • Insurance program: “Home and family protection” with comprehensive coverage “Property and life”.

3. CREDIT GROUP – Mortgage Loans


  • Shortened time for mortgage credit.
  • Pre-approval the same day.
  • You’re learning for 5 business days. Simplified review and award procedure, application does not bind you with credit.
  • An amount of BGN 7,000 to BGN 100,000, from 3 months to 7 years.
  • Purpose: for any purpose.
  • Collateral – mortgage on a real estate: house, apartment, shop, office, plot and agricultural land.
  • Free evaluation of the property.
  • Fixed interest for the whole period.
  • Credit regardless of the CCR , without unnecessary bureaucracy.
  • No hidden costs. Service free of charge and commissions.
  • It is repaid through a fixed monthly installment.



  • Minimum time to grant mortgage credit, approval up to 1 hour, you get the money up to 24 hours after the mortgage is entered.
  • Amount – Minimum BGN 5,000, maximum depending on your needs, repayment options and the value of the collateral, repayment term from 6 months to 5 years.
  • Mortgage without proof of income and with easy approval.
  • Fixed interest for the whole period. An individual interest rate depends on the financial situation.
  • No traps and fees for handling the request, property valuation, acquisition and management.
  • Suitable for: individuals without access to bank lending, in case of need for larger amounts without proof of income, for urgent need of working capital or start-up business ventures.
  • Collateral: a mortgage on any type of property, entered and upon repayment of the loan is deleted. The property remains yours at the time of repayment.
  • You receive the funds on your personal bank account.