Title loan without certificates – what is worth knowing?

 credit without benefits For a long time taking a title loan without certificates was possible only in parabanks. Currently, more and more institutions agree with the idea of ​​credit without certification due to the willingness to facilitate the procedure for their clients as well as the competitiveness of offers of non-bank entities. What is the title loan without the certificates easy to obtain? What is worth knowing about it? Who is entitled to?

Title loans without certificates are granted only by some parabanks

A title loan without certificates is also available in banks – although until recently it was only possible in non-bank entities. His receipt, however, is not as easy as it may seem. What’s the problem? First of all – you must meet the appropriate conditions. And secondly – the number of banks that provide this type of title loans is limited.

Getting a title loan is much harder than before. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority puts more and more strict rules on determining credit risk, which means that banks’ “hands” are very often simply connected. Banks are obliged to verify their creditors more and more thoroughly, which means that the number of entities offering title loans without certificates is constantly decreasing.

Along with strong restrictions in the law, there are also opportunities. Strong pressure from the parabanks and the current recommendation of the Finns Supervisory Commission T – about the possibility of simplifying the credit procedure – has made some banks decide to implement new solutions. For the clients of banks, this means in practice that they can apply for higher amounts of title loans without having to display a certificate of income and employment.

Mutual trust – is it?

In title loan companies, which give the opportunity to take out title loans without certification, puts on mutual – between the borrower and the lender – confidence. The company hopes that the data the borrower presents in the application is truthful and the client is actually able to make regular repayments, and the client believes that the data he submits under the contract will be used only for formal purposes. Of course, this raises the risk of abuse both on the one and the other side. title loan companies have the option of securing themselves against dishonest clients, but is the lender the same option? Well, not necessarily. Often the first victim, when taking a title loan or a title loan in this type of institution, is our trust. Before we decide to sign a contract, we should always carefully read the content. Even if we need money right away and we care about time. Only in this way can we avoid later troubles and disappointments related to the credit granted to us.

The situation is slightly different in which we apply for a title loan without any certificates from the bank. The preferential treatment in this case, of course, can be counted by regular customers of banks – whose remuneration is transferred to the bank account in which they apply for a title loan. However, even those clients of financial entities who are not their regular clients have at least a few interesting offers to choose from.

Title loan without bank statements

We’ll start with the offer banks make for their new customers. The most attractive proposals allow us to incur as much as PLN 200,000 of title loan at an affordable interest rate. In the case of lower amounts, we can often count on reducing the cost of crediting. To receive a title loan, it is necessary to obtain remuneration based on a civil law contract or employment contract. You will also need a declaration of income – not from the employer, only our own. You can only sign a contract if you are a new client – only a small number – or a small amount. If we want to get a better offer, it is worth looking for the current offer of the bank in which we already have an account.

A title loan in a bank where we already have an account can be arranged even in 15 minutes. Without leaving home and completely online. The Bank has practically all the necessary information it needs to make a credit decision – having an overview of our revenues, expenses and their sources. To get a title loan without credentials in your bank, all you have to do is submit a title loan application through the online customer panel and wait for a decision. We will probably get the answer within a dozen or so minutes. By using the offer of your bank, you can often count on a lower interest rate, the ability to set repayment dates, or other preferential facilities.

Without unnecessary formalities – what is the procedure like?

Taking a title loan without certification requires that we devote only a moment to your time. The entire procedure will usually be carried out via the Internet. Depending on whether we decide to offer a parabank, a bank in which we have or do not have an account, we can expect a slightly different process in the matter of applying for a title loan. However, the difference between these different entities will not be too great.

In any case, it will be necessary to enter the website of the company / bank we are interested in and simply submit a title loan application. In the application, we will be asked to provide information about the amount of your earnings, expenses, as well as the amount you want to apply for.

Deciding to cooperate with a title loan company, we will be asked to send one penny to the account number indicated by the company. This will allow the entity to verify the accuracy of our data. We may be asked to send an account statement.

Banks in which we do not have an account will probably want to contact us with the help of a consultant. However, we do not have to be afraid of a long wait. The phone will call up to 15 minutes from completing the application (although many entities reserve up to 24 hours for this action).

The most straightforward procedure can be counted by regular bank clients. In their case, it will not be required to send transfers, register an account or wait for a call. They fill out the credit application from the level of the customer’s internet panel and after waiting for the relevant information they just wait for a response. Money can go to their account even 15 minutes after submitting the application.

Credit without certificates – is it worth it?

If we care about the time and want to deal with the whole process of applying for a title loan in the simplest possible way, a title loan without certificates is an excellent option, thanks to which we will get the money we need quickly and without leaving home.


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