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Buying a car on credit is very common since more than one vehicle in two is the subject of a financing formula. We will detail the pitfalls to avoid in the rest of this article. But the first trap is that of overpriced credit. To ensure you get a car loan at the best rate, we regularly check all offers from all organizations and we suggest the ranking of the best rates.

To find out if you are accepted, you must complete a questionnaire and validate a non-binding credit request. This first step is not engaging. It allows credit organizations to assess your risk level and send you a proposal for a credit card or any other project. We will see later that carrying out this first step will have several uses which will make it possible to have the best rate.

But to be able to get a car on credit at the best rate, we did not just provide a simple classification of the best rates. To avoid financial organizations that offer tempting ads and call rates that are too rarely granted for a car on credit, we have developed an exclusive service. You will be able to obtain an evaluation of your file from the cheapest organization.

Of course, this is without commitment either on your part or on the part of the organization. But it has the advantage of being able to know right away if the organization offering the best rate for a car on credit is ready to accept the file. It, therefore, allows you to know if it is better to try your luck also with the other two best offers.

To get a car on credit at the best rate, this first step is essential and will allow you to know where you are going. This step is necessary including for credit without contribution.

A credit car in the concession

A credit car in concession

For new cars, it may be that a credit organization linked to the manufacturer is in the promotion period and offers you very attractive rates to finance your car on credit. These are for example organizations. But be careful, check that the rate is lower than the one we can find for you. This is why we recommend that you submit a request on our site to the cheapest organization. You will thus receive the cheapest offer on the web and you can compare it with that offered by the dealer. It can even be used as a means of negotiation.

Outside of these promotional periods and for used vehicles, we recommend that you check carefully what is on offer because the rates that we have identified are really very attractive and we think that this is the cheapest way to finance your car on credit.

Choosing the right loan for a car on credit

Choosing the right loan for a car on credit

To buy a car on credit, we have explained the interest of using a comparator. You can see for yourself the hundreds of USD there is to save for the same credit using our simulator. We have demonstrated this many times for the purchase of a car on credit, such as for a credit of 20,000 USD.

But one should not choose any credit comparator. Because most of our competitors offer false rankings that do not show the rate. They give the impression of a ranking but in the end, only the money they will receive is their decisive element. We denounced these deceptive practices in Carplus, which ranked us as the No. 1 credit comparator. For the purchase of your car on credit, you can trust Carplus and Sir Credit.

Credit car: the opportunity between individuals

Credit car: the opportunity between individuals

In the case of financing a car on credit between individuals, it is much simpler. You just have to find a cheap car loan that meets your needs. This is exactly what Sir Credit is dedicated to. Enter your needs in our simulator, fill out our unique questionnaire and you will get the ranking of the best offers.

You just have to file a request directly on our site with the cheapest organizations. No need to re-enter your credit application for each of these credit houses. This step is not engaging and lets you know who accepts you.

Take an LOA or LLD?

Take an LOA or LLD?

It’s very simple: if you want to finance your car on credit with a rental with an option to buy LOA or a long-term rental LLD, you are ready to pay more. Certainly, you will have the comfort of not having to worry about the resale of your vehicle but the operation will undoubtedly cost you a few thousand USD. We did the math in our article to find the cheapest one between LOA, LLD and auto credit.